Bride’s Starting Point

Overwhelmed planning your wedding? Our team of vendors personalize your wedding process so you can have a stress-free and enjoyable experience.


Dear bride,

If you are struggling to get started in your wedding planning, need help finding the right vendors, or want to save money – then you’re about to read the letter that will help you achieve all that and more.

You’ve got options

With so many DJ’s, photographers, florists, etc., we know you have options. But rather than just referring you to a long list of vendors and making you do all the work, we’ve vetted each vendor in our network to provide you over the top commitment and execution.

You’ve got a budget.

You like saving money, right?  Save 10% when hiring two or more in network vendors. Savings thousands of dollars.

Some outside vendor referrals are motivated by highest paying back-end commissions. Our team at Havasu Wedding Pros make no commission – we refer simply because our reputation is on the line and we know our fellow vendors will do an excellent job.

Who am I and why should you trust me? 

My name is Robert Starkey, I’m a disc jockey and master of ceremonies with over 22 years experience in the wedding industry. Over several years, I’ve learned what qualities contribute to wedding success. It is for this reason that I formed this group. These are highly polished professionals I will trust my daughters wedding to, when that time comes. We work well together, and provide the best level of service each time, sacrificing nothing.

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